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Gripeez – What is it & How Does it Work?

What Are Gripeez?

Gripeez is an amazing new product that has made it quick and easy to mount any object without using nails or other adhesives that do serious damage to walls and other surfaces. Gripeez will hang and hold objects anywhere in just a matter of seconds. You simply peel, stick, and hang and the object holds steady until you are ready to remove. The Gripeez Hanging Pads are also reusable. Simply rinse and they are ready to use again – up to 1,000 times!

How Do I Use Gripeez?

Gripeez are super easy to use and make hanging any object much easier. Simply peel off the backing from the Gripeez Pad and stick., and Gripeez will hold the object tight. If you don’t like it simply remove and reposition. They also come off as easily as they go on leaving no stick or messy residue behind. Each pad holds up to 5 pounds, so you’ll be able to hang all of the objects that you love like canvases, posters, shelves, and so much more. Don’t forget, Gripeez can also be cut to whatever size you need!

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Gripeez Hanging Pads Review


I saw Gripeez while I was watching TV one day. I was interested enough to go online and look at the site, and thought that they’d be pretty handy to have around the house.

Well, I was right. These work great. Gripeez Hanging Pads stay put and when you are ready to remove there is no damage to your walls. I bought these for my daughter in her college apartment this year and they worked perfectly. She had to move things around many times and was able to do so without any damage.

We found that Gripeez works best if you cut them into fours and stick them in each corner of the object. I remember last year she had a picture that kept falling down on her while she was sleeping. But, with Gripeez she doesn’t have a problem anymore. Everything stays in place and looks great!

I’d definitely recommend Gripeez Hanging Pads to a friend, especially since they are so inexpensive. They would make great housewarming gifts.

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Gripeez Hanging Pads Pros + Cons

I think that Gripeez is actually a great product. I have used Command Strips for years, and found myself always having to fix the damage that they caused. Gripeez don’t leave any marks on the wall though. I don’t know if it is what they are made out of or what, but they never rip off the paint. The Gripeez Pads stay where I hang them and when I am ready to remove them, it’s super easy. I have read many reviews for this product and heard some of the negative views, but haven’t experienced any of them. Here are some of the pros and cons for Gripeez…

Easily removed without damaging anything
Can be used over 1000 times
Grips on both sides

Most items will require two or more Gripeez
Cannot hold very heavy objects.

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Gripeez As Seen On TV – Does it Really Work?

gripeez-form-productGripeez is a small pad with adhesive on both sides that give it its grip. To use, simply take a Gripeez pad and stick it to any surface, including stainless steel, tile, plastic, wood, cement, glass, metal, and non-textured drywall.

Next, you can take any object that is 5 pounds or under and you simply stick and press it against the surface. It will adhere right away and Gripeez As Seen on TV will stay as long as you want them too. If you don’t like its placement you can simply remove the object and re-stick.

Gripeez is great for decorations, posters, cell phones, tablets, and more. You can even cut Gripeez to get more use out of them or you can use the pieces to hold separate sides of the object against the surface.

Gripeez can be easily removed by simply peeling off. It doesn’t leave any residue or marks on the wall either. Even if it gets dirty and loses its grip, they say you can wash it and put it to work again, up to 1,000 times.

hang-anythingLearn More About Gripeez Here!


Gripeez Gripping Pads As Seen on TV

Introducing Gripeez the revolutionary and reusable Gripping Pad that lets you hang any object anywhere, in just seconds, with no tape, nails, or glue. Gripeez stays in place until you remove it. So, if your pictures not perfect, simply twist and remove with no damage to your walls.
That Stainless Steel won’t hold any magnets, but Gripeez is designed to grip where nothing else can! It works on metal, tile, plastic, wood, and more. One Gripeez can hold over five pounds.

Gripeez is also reusable over 1000 times! Simply rinse, dry, and re-grip. The secret is the powerful ultra-tight double-sided grip that never slips. Those one and done velcro strips are a hassle to install, never hold their grip, and when you remove it, you have to throw it away.
Gripeez installs instantly in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Peel
Step 2: Stick
Step 3: Grip

Gripeez makes it easy to go from bare walls to finished home in just minutes. It’s great for apartments and dorm rooms, where you can’t use nails, to turn your mess into an organized workplace.

With Gripeez you can hang anything anywhere without a care!

Turn the back of the seat in front of you into a media center, use it to hold your EZ Pass, even the GPS will stay in place.

To release an object, just twist and remove with no sticky residue.

Need to decorate for the holidays? Or have a party in a jiffy? Get Gripeez!

Gripeez works on metal and tile to keeps things handy, and sticks on wood and glass like nothing else can. Keep all your remotes handy to create more table space, or use it to keep that door mat in place.

Now you can forget those once and done hooks. Gripeez works where nothing else can!

For a limited time, you’ll get double the offer of Gripeez for just $10. You’ll also get a set of 5 large and 5 small Gripeez hooks that are perfect for creating a handy towel hook, or perfect key holder, absolutely free.

That’s 20 Gripeez and 10 hooks for just $10. This offer will never be available in stores, so order now.

You can order Gripeez as seen on TV here!