Gripeez Gripping Pads As Seen on TV

Introducing Gripeez the revolutionary and reusable Gripping Pad that lets you hang any object anywhere, in just seconds, with no tape, nails, or glue. Gripeez stays in place until you remove it. So, if your pictures not perfect, simply twist and remove with no damage to your walls.
That Stainless Steel won’t hold any magnets, but Gripeez is designed to grip where nothing else can! It works on metal, tile, plastic, wood, and more. One Gripeez can hold over five pounds.

Gripeez is also reusable over 1000 times! Simply rinse, dry, and re-grip. The secret is the powerful ultra-tight double-sided grip that never slips. Those one and done velcro strips are a hassle to install, never hold their grip, and when you remove it, you have to throw it away.
Gripeez installs instantly in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Peel
Step 2: Stick
Step 3: Grip

Gripeez makes it easy to go from bare walls to finished home in just minutes. It’s great for apartments and dorm rooms, where you can’t use nails, to turn your mess into an organized workplace.

With Gripeez you can hang anything anywhere without a care!

Turn the back of the seat in front of you into a media center, use it to hold your EZ Pass, even the GPS will stay in place.

To release an object, just twist and remove with no sticky residue.

Need to decorate for the holidays? Or have a party in a jiffy? Get Gripeez!

Gripeez works on metal and tile to keeps things handy, and sticks on wood and glass like nothing else can. Keep all your remotes handy to create more table space, or use it to keep that door mat in place.

Now you can forget those once and done hooks. Gripeez works where nothing else can!

For a limited time, you’ll get double the offer of Gripeez for just $10. You’ll also get a set of 5 large and 5 small Gripeez hooks that are perfect for creating a handy towel hook, or perfect key holder, absolutely free.

That’s 20 Gripeez and 10 hooks for just $10. This offer will never be available in stores, so order now.

You can order Gripeez as seen on TV here!


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