Gripeez As Seen On TV – Does it Really Work?

gripeez-form-productGripeez is a small pad with adhesive on both sides that give it its grip. To use, simply take a Gripeez pad and stick it to any surface, including stainless steel, tile, plastic, wood, cement, glass, metal, and non-textured drywall.

Next, you can take any object that is 5 pounds or under and you simply stick and press it against the surface. It will adhere right away and Gripeez As Seen on TV will stay as long as you want them too. If you don’t like its placement you can simply remove the object and re-stick.

Gripeez is great for decorations, posters, cell phones, tablets, and more. You can even cut Gripeez to get more use out of them or you can use the pieces to hold separate sides of the object against the surface.

Gripeez can be easily removed by simply peeling off. It doesn’t leave any residue or marks on the wall either. Even if it gets dirty and loses its grip, they say you can wash it and put it to work again, up to 1,000 times.

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