Gripeez Hanging Pads Review


I saw Gripeez while I was watching TV one day. I was interested enough to go online and look at the site, and thought that they’d be pretty handy to have around the house.

Well, I was right. These work great. Gripeez Hanging Pads stay put and when you are ready to remove there is no damage to your walls. I bought these for my daughter in her college apartment this year and they worked perfectly. She had to move things around many times and was able to do so without any damage.

We found that Gripeez works best if you cut them into fours and stick them in each corner of the object. I remember last year she had a picture that kept falling down on her while she was sleeping. But, with Gripeez she doesn’t have a problem anymore. Everything stays in place and looks great!

I’d definitely recommend Gripeez Hanging Pads to a friend, especially since they are so inexpensive. They would make great housewarming gifts.

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